Dancing, exploring, daring, in a mixture of new sensations. To live as if it were our first or last minute. This is what Adrien M & Claire B propose in their latest creation. This installation-experience-immersive gives us the possibility to live together for 30 minutes the stretching of a minute... On Olivier Mellano's music and Adrien M & Claire B's digital images, we plunge into an abstract but totally hypnotising universe made of pixels reacting to our movements, of waves brushing against our feet, of stroboscopic flashes blurring our perceptions. Everyone is free to tell themselves a story, to interact with the moving floor, to dance alone or with their neighbour. In more than ten years of existence, the company - you have seen Acqua alta - which navigates between live performance and visual arts, mixes poetry and technology, pencil strokes and algorithms like no other. It's your turn to play!


Adrien M & Claire B, ISEA2023 laureates artists