• 1. ISEA International

Board members

The ISEA International foundation board is the governing body of ISEA. The primary role of the Board is to oversee the continuation of the annual symposia, and to build and maintain a comprehensive symposia archive. The Board meets via Zoom and holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at each symposium, where it updates the public on its activities and invites organisations bidding for future symposia to present their proposals.
  • Erandy Vergara
    Erandy Vergara

Erandy Vergara - Chair

Nationality: Mexican and Canadian
Current country of residence: Canada
Role: Chair of ISEA International
Profession: Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications, MacEwan University and Curator, Printemps numérique
Her main research interests include climate responsibility, decolonization, equity, internet cultures and widespread bias in algorithms.
  • Everardo Reyes
    Everardo Reyes

Everardo Reyes - Secretary

Nationality: French and Mexican
Current country of residence: France
Role: Secretary of ISEA International
Profession: Academic, Professor of Information and Communication Sciences, Co-director of the Masters in Digital Humanities, Université Paris 8 – Vincennes-Saint-Denis. Responsible for international relations, EUR ArTeC. Associate member of the Cultural Analytics Lab. Art Papers Chair for SIGGRAPH 2019 – Los Angeles.
  • Anne Nigten
    Anne Nigten

Anne Nigten - Treasurer

Nationality: Dutch
Current country of residence: The Netherlands
Role: Treasurer of ISEA International
Profession: Professor Smart & Inclusive Society, Research Center Creating 010, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Director of the Patching Zone, trans-disciplinary innovation laboratories in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Pat Badani
    Pat Badani

Pat Badani

Nationality: Argentinian (b), Canadian, and US citizen
Current country of residence: USA
Role: Chair of ISEA-International Archives Subcommittee; Special Advisor to ISEA2020 & ISEA2023; Chair of Community Network Subcommittee 2017-2022; IIAC member (ISEA International Advisory Committee) 2013-2016.
Profession: Independent cultural researcher/producer; former Integrated Media Professor at the School of Art, Illinois State University, USA; Interdisciplinary Media Arts graduate program acting Director at Columbia College Chicago; Editor-in-Chief of Media-N Journal, the New Media Caucus; and Lead Guest Editor of “Artelogie,” EHESS, France.
Research areas include ecosystems, energy flows and food webs.
  • Ricardo Dal Farra
    Ricardo Dal Farra

Ricardo Dal Farra

Nationality: Argentinian
Current country of residence: Canada and Argentina
Profession: Professor of music and media arts at the Music Department of Concordia University in Canada. Director of the Electronic Arts Research and Experimentation Centre (CEIArtE) at National University of Tres de Febrero in Argentina. Directing the Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection. Founder-director of the Understanding Visual Music (UVM) and Balance-Unbalance (BunB) international conference series.
  • Roger F. Malina
    Roger F. Malina

Roger F. Malina

Nationality: American (US)
Current country of residence: US
Profession: Professor of Art, Technology and Physics at the University of Texas at Dallas, Executive Editor of the Leonardo Publications at MIT Press, Board member International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, and Chair of the Board Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et Technosciences.
  • Lisa Park SoYoung
    Lisa Park SoYoung

Lisa Park SoYoung

Nationality: South Korean
Current country of residence: Hong Kong
Role: Chair of Development Sub-Committee
Profession: Scholar & Producer-Curator & Artist, Independent Art-tech event Producer/Curator, Postdoctoral research at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong; Member of East-Meets Research Group spearheaded by Art Centre Nabi; Previously managed Open Sky Project for ICC at ISEA2016, and served as Editor-in-Chief, as well as Executive Producer & Co-curator for Ars Electronica Garden Hong Kong in 2020 and 2021.