In the framework of ISEA2023, Siana presents in collaboration with the Théâtre de Sénart, for the Arts numériques Fest festival from 2 to 20 May 2023, a series of artistic works by Dylan Cote and Pierre Lafanéchère, Earthsatz and Framed Earth. These creations will also be presented in the city centre of Evry-Courcouronnes for the Nuit Blanche on 3 June 2023.

The world told by Google Earth intrigues us... The imperfections of its forms, the defects of its textures, its suspended time, constitute the attributes of a universe that is more akin to algorithmic fiction than to our tangible reality. The video installation Earthsatz seeks to amplify the cold and anguished poetry generated by this "pocket world" where life is non-existent, where pixels have replaced particles. The challenge is to contemplate it for what it is: a fictional universe that mimics our own while developing its own autonomy. Earthsatz proposes a stroll through this altered world whose fictional, artificial and irrational aspects are celebrated.

In dialogue, the photographic landscapes of Framed Earth, immersed in the ocean, linger on dwellings and places of life. These pieces of worlds become islands, reminding us of the way we inhabit digital space and navigate the ocean of data. We navigate from island to island, from bubble to bubble of information, more or less populated, isolated, connected to each other. However, inhabiting is not simply occupying a place spatially, it is also projecting one's affects onto it and constructing a history. These imaginary digital habitats unfold in various forms and inspire different narratives, sometimes absurd, even distressing, between autarkic desertion and a post-apocalyptic world. 


Julie Sicault Maillé, artistic director of Siana


Dylan Cote and Pierre Lafanechère, ISEA2023 laureates artists