• Emmanuel Mahé
    Emmanuel Mahé

Dr Emmanuel Mahé - ISEA Academic Chair

Dr (HDR) Emmanuel Mahé (France), Director of Research at EnsAD (PSL), researcher in information and communication sciences dealing with issues related to organisations and innovation processes in the fields of arts, sciences and design; scientific officer at the High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education.
  • Elena Papadaki
    Elena Papadaki

Dr Elena Papadaki - ISEA sub-topics co-chair

Dr Elena Papadaki (UK / Belgium) is a researcher, educator and curator; her research interests lie in the intersection of technology-reliant artworks, curatorial discourse, interdisciplinary collaboration and audience reception. She leads the MA Design at University of Greenwich and currently serves as a Pathway Councillor for the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), acting as a key advisor and expert to the delivery group “Design for Life - Students for Change”.
  • Maria Ptqk
    Maria Ptqk

Dr Maria Ptqk - ISEA sub-topics co-chair

Dr Maria Ptqk (Spain) is a curator, researcher and cultural producer. With an academic background in law and economy, she holds a PhD in artistic research with a doctoral thesis on the cyberfeminist collective subRosa. Her work investigates the ecological and technoscientific realm from a postcultural perspective, in the crossroads of experimental art practices and collective in/trans/disciplinary knowledge.
  • François-Joseph Lapointe
    François-Joseph Lapointe 

Pr François-Joseph Lapointe - ISEA sub-topics co-chair

Prof. François-Joseph Lapointe (Quebec) is an artist and scientist at the University of Montreal, holding two doctorates (in evolutionary biology and in dance and performance). He has published over 120 articles in the field of molecular systematics, population genetics and metagenomics. As part of his artistic practice, he applies biotechnology for creative purposes and has created choreogenetics.