At the Forum des images, throughout the Symposium, a thematic display will allow, with different partners, to propose different points of view on the idea of Symbiosis, as will be the case with works by Quebec artists from the partnership with CALQ and elektra, as well as the partnership with artport, from the Whitney Museum of American Art. But works from the ISEA 2023 selection will also be exhibited, created by Vidya Kelie, Ugo Arsac, the deeptech studio mentalista, Sunjeong Hwang or

For ISEA2023, Vidya Kelie is reactivating the website, a work present in the ISEA2023 selection, which the Franco-Mauritian artist presents as a "human and organic digital archive". It is a collaborative platform in the form of a search engine, inviting participants to turn a pixel of the screen blue in order to insert selected information and media - texts, images, links. proposes to use lines of code for a collective gesture, to give voice to heterogeneity, and to connect with others. Each person, by choosing a cell of the screen, is free to leave a chosen content, a poetic sentence, a meme, a conference ... Presented in the Forum des Images during the symposium, this work calls for the creation of an organic archive of ISEA2023.

Ugo Arsac, for his part, will present the "immersive documentary" ENERGĒIA (2022), a project of 3D scans taken in the nuclear power plants of Chinon, Civaux and Iter, allowing us to envisage, in virtual reality, around ecological issues discussed by experts, to discover a reality that is generally hidden from us. Mentalista will present its latest project, Mental Garden (2022), a neuro-generative installation using brain-machine interfaces. Each user is invited to don an EEG headset and think of a memory, whose brain activity is translated to generate a digital plant. The experiment aims to create a collection of stored, shareable and exchangeable flowers via blockchain technology. Also in the idea of inter-region communication, the Tanhamnu Warp Drive project by Sunjeong Hwang. This is the formalisation in video of research into mycelium and the symbiotic relationships it has with other species. Finally, the interviews conducted by the collective, from the series Post-Growth Toolkit - the interviews, will be shown on the Forum des Images screens. These videos aim to structure a community and a set of theoretical and narrative tools that re-examine the utilitarian vision of nature as a permanent reserve for human industry.


With ISEA2023 laureates artists: Ugo Arsac, Bastien Didier,, Vidya Juganaikloo and Sunjeong Hwang