The ISEA International Symposium and the Whitney Museum of American Art's artport website, an online gallery space for commissions of net art, have teamed up for the 28th edition of the symposium in Paris. In line with the overall theme of the event, "Symbiosis", four original works commissioned for artport by the Whitney Museum between 2021 and 2023 will be presented to ISEA2023 participants from May 16 to 21, 2023, at the Forum des images in Paris.

The installation features Auriea Harvey’s computerized cosmology SITE1; Mimi Ọnụọha’s interactive archival video work about big agriculture; an AI curating Biennials by UBERMORGEN, Leonardo Impett and Joasia Krysa; and a transmedia story by Rachel Rossin about the increasing fusion of humans and technology. These projects — ranging from critical thinking about the structures that support our society to the creation of new mythologies carrying our relationship to the world — offer an offbeat look at the idea of Symbiosis.


Auriea Harvey, Mimi Ọnụọha, UBERMORGEN, Rachel Rossin