Aiming to think simultaneously about spirituality, technology and living together, the exhibition is made of contemplative installations in different modalities, from interactivity to meditation. 

The Altars for Cosmic Talismans by Lucile Olympe Haute compose a space of recollection of the different facets of the same life form. The staged discs can be approached as material experiments, waste from a drink production or ritual objects. They invite us to question what we believe in, our collective values and their influence on our relationship to the world, the ways we collaborate with, care for, cultivate or exploit other living things. 

The installation-play Spectral Plain by Guillemette Legrand and Vincent Thornhill proposes to immerse oneself in a world that has undergone a geomagnetic reversal, in search of a new energy alignment. The journey ends around a campfire, around which the representation of a multi-species energy network is built. Spectral Plain is powered by a cosmic radiation sensor and a predictive language model (GPT-3) that was developed from a technical and mythological understanding of electromagnetic energy. 

The exhibition gives rise to several activations: visits in the presence of the artists, Cyberwitches Coven performance (bilingual), Cosmogonic Tours in Spectral Plain performance, discussion "Penser-rêver à l'École des arts décos, réinventer nos relations" by Eugénie Zuccarelli (in French). This exhibition is supported by EnsadLab and the University of Nîmes. 


Lucile Olympe Haute
Facilitator: Eugénie Zuccarelli


Lucile Olympe Haute, ISEA2023 laureate artist
Guillemette Legrand & Vincent Thornhill, ISEA2023 laureates artists


Tuesday May 16th, 17-21h — Vernissage in the presence of the artists + performance Cyberwitches Coven (FR/EN)  

Wednesday May 17th, 18-20h — Penser-rêver à l’École des arts décos, réinventer nos relations (discussion, FR) + visit in the presence of the artists  

Friday May 19th, 17-19h — Performance Cosmogonic Tours in Spectral Plain + visit in the presence of the artists  

May 17&19th — Visit the exhibition by appointment

Access to the events upon presentation of the ISEA pass or on registration. Visit the exhibition by appointment. Registration for the events and visit appointment =>