"Once upon a time, in a world devastated by a great cataclysm, there will be the Oumpalous tribe. Together they will learn from the mistakes of the past world. Together, they will create a new world."

What will tomorrow's world look like? For centuries, societies have been trying to give an answer to this question and to project themselves into the future, so near and so far.  We may develop theories of futurology or run the statistical prediction tools, but facing time, imagination is the best entrance into the future. In a few decades, today's children will be enacting their visions of the future based on their current imaginations. 

The exhibition L'étrange labo microcosmique des Oumpalous is intended to be a time capsule putting into shape the imaginations and questions shared by the international artists selected in the framework of ISEA 20223 and young people from Garges-lès-Gonesse accompanied in workshop, on the more specific subject of our relationship to the living. At Cube Garges, art becomes an intergenerational link to connect future adults with their childhood questions and dreams.  

Faced with dystopian visions of our future, the exhibition proposes to question our common future, to investigate its forms and values through artistic expression: create today to invent the world of tomorrow.


Clément Thibault, Axel Fried and Anastasiia Baryshnikova


Robin Baumgarten (ISEA2023 laureate artist), Alison Bennett (ISEA2023 laureate artist), (ISEA2023 laureate artists collective), Yosra Mojtahedi (ISEA2023 laureate artist), Anne Marie Maes (ISEA2023 laureate artist), Florian Sumi