From May 16 to 21, 2023, the research center for animated Dance / Hangars Numériques is exhibiting an innovative work by Adrien M. & Clair B., an augmented pop-up book. Looking at them through a tablet, the ten double-pages of the book Acqua Alta - The crossing of the mirror become small theaters, where a dance form unfolds thanks to the custom-developed application. Folded white papers and ink drawings meet in a graphic drawing and the simplicity of black and white, the artificial life of miniature beings dancing in a world imbued with the imagination of water.

The art center also hosts the work of Yung Chung Han, Plastic Landscape - The Reversible world, which sensitizes the viewer in a dreamlike way on plastic pollution with a 3D animated video design, generated by AI. His work parallels the history of Korea.

Finally, in August, Vegetal/digital, by australian artist Alison Bennett invites the viewer to experience the embodied harmony between plant and digital. The interactive design of the work encourages the viewer to slow down and tune in to the pulse of plants and computers, inducing an almost meditative state of mind.

Exhibitions open from 16 to 21 May 2023, then from 1 to 15 August 2023.


Marianne Lebon


Adrien M et Claire B (ISEA2023 laureates artists)
Yoon Chung Han (ISEA2023 laureate artist)
Alison Bennett (ISEA2023 laureate artist)