The second opus of the Outland exhibition brings together, in the framework of ISEA2023, the work of Marija Avramovic & Sam Twidale, Golnaz Behrouznia and Sandrine Deumier. Focusing on the hybridization Real/Fiction, Nature/Synthetic, Humans/Avatars, Outland defines an introspective journey on new realities intrinsically linked to scientific neologisms. Micro-worlds, synesthesias and techno-biologisms attempt to create new forms between the artificiality of digital imaginaries and the limited reality of the living and ecosystems.

Mineral, vegetal, abstract, living, artificial forms merge, communicate in an attempt to create a new impossible genesis. Falsified, modified, printed, nature becomes pure allegory or past memory, loses its original meaning and becomes an artefact. A decontextualised element.

Outland's works participate in the loss of reference points of what could be defined as the memory of a harmonious time. They are the memorial alteration of a past connected to the natural elements. They are also the mental representations of a post-human future, immersed in autonomous algorithms, genetic transformations and technological ex nihilo. They are indeed part of Outland, the territories beyond the earth.

Opening on Friday 07 April 2023, from 6pm to 10pm.


François Ronsiaux


Xenoangel (Marija Avramovic & Sam Twidale), ISEA2023 laureates artists
Golnaz Behrouznia, ISEA2023 laureate artist
Sandrine Deumier, ISEA2023 laureate artist