The round table Art and/or Game: Symbiosis or Dissonance? will look at current practices in the very vibrant area where experimental games meet related art practices.  The participants will ask to what extent we can talk about symbiosis between art and experimental games? Where are the tensions, and are they productive?

Similarly, what is the relationship between experimental games practices and the broader games industry? Experimental games seek to resist the hegemony of the huge international digital games industry by presenting a profusion of local, personal and community-based alternatives that stretch the game form expressively and critically. They therefore also illustrate the larger theme of tensions between “creative industries” and artistic practices.

The evening of presentations and discussion will be introduced by Lynn Hughes. Nathalie Bachand, co-curator, with Hughes, of the exhibition Jeu_Art_Game / Intangible In-Between (produced by Sporobole Gallery in Sherbrooke, Quebec) will talk about that exhibition, which included four works shown here at the Canadian Cultural Centre.

Tatiana Vilela Dos Santos and Maria Roszkowska (from the collective will talk about their own practices and how they see relations between art and games, on the one hand, and experimental and more commercial games, on the other.

This roundtable accompanies the exhibition presented by the Canadian Cultural Centre from May 16 to 20 as part of ISEA2023.


Lynn Hughes, Artist, independent curator (Canada)
Nathalie Bachand, Independent curator (Canada)
Nicolas Maigret of, ISEA2023 laureate artists collective (France)
Tatiana Vilela Dos Santos, artist (France)


Limited number of places, please reserve by email at: