Annie Bascoul's ambition is to reveal an idea of beauty that combines dreams and poetry. She wants to provoke an emotion, the emotion felt in front of a singular presence. This "beauty" that she seeks, she finds essentially in nature, gardens, decorative arts, fine arts. Her creations must be rare and precious, beautiful and poetic. This is how Annie Bascoul tends to offer the spectator a complete immersive experience in her universe by mixing forms, dimensions, digital or real lace, shadows and lights. Her beauty plays on fragility.

The garden is " her " garden.

From Blaise Pascal's geometric work and his breakthroughs in fields such as perspective and hydraulics, Annie Bascoul has retained the influence he had on the genius of the gardener Le Nôtre who created the most famous French gardens.

By using hybrid techniques, printing on embossed paper and leather, she illustrates and above all gives a soul to the gardens represented, their rectangular, circular and iconic shapes. Through the artifice of virtual creations and the know-how of her partner Christophe Bascoul, she maps these representations of augmented reality, sober and light, visited by Blaise Pascal himself (in augmented reality).

Blaise Pascal and the gardens refreshes our view of the Anthropocene's desire for human domination of nature, which seems to question the necessary symbiosis between all the 'natural elements'.


Gabriel Soucheyre / VIDEOFORMES


Annie Bascoul, ISEA2023 laureate artist