For several years, the Fiminco Foundation has been working to open up and develop contemporary practices. By inviting the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, a whole imaginary world and artistic practices are awakened. As part of its Trouble-Fête#Cosmogonies Spéculatives season, the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles has come up with the Symbiosium exhibition, which is an exceptional opportunity to cross perspectives and encourage artistic exchanges.

It highlights the work of over thirty artists, some of whom have been or will be in residence at the Fiminco Foundation. In more ways than one, the exhibition does not simply offer a showcase for their work: the works imagined are nourished by the space of the Chaufferie through all its components: light, temperature, concrete, glass, brick. By offering this meeting place for diverse cultures and practices, we hope to encourage and contribute to creative and fruitful dialogues.

We are convinced that this exhibition will promote the formation of a more conscious culture open to the world, which questions the social and political implications of contemporary art. This symbiosis between artists, between mediums, between materials, between spaces and between institutions is part of the Fiminco Foundation's deep tradition of having its spaces invested in various artistic experiments and research. 

Katharina Scriba
Director of the Fiminco Foundation


Christopher Yggdre and Stéphanie Pécourt 


Alexis Deconinck Angelo Vermeulen Angyvir Padilla* Annemarie Maes Antoine Bertin* Caroline Le Méhauté* Charlotte Charbonnel Charlotte Gautier van Tour* Claude Panier † Côme di Meglio* DISNOVATION.ORG Elise Peroi* Eugénie Touzé Eve Gabriel Chabanon Fabien Léaustic Gwendoline Robin Jérémy Gobé Jimmy Boury Juliette Minchin* Justine Bougerol* Laura Sanchez Filomeno Les Matribiotes (Charlotte Gautier van Tour et Luz Moreno) Luca Vanello Marie-Luce Nadal Marie-Sarah Adenis Mehdi-Georges Lahlou* Naomie Klaus* Shivay La Multiple Skall Victoria Palacios & Basile3* Yoel Pytowski* *Créations In-Situ