Yesterday's possibilities are today's realities that we are constantly merging to make them even better. Over the last sixty years, many artists with a strong affinity for technology of their time have anticipated our environments or uses with their creations. It is often by hacking innovations that they innovate in turn when their multiple practices come together as their techniques agglomerate.

From the scientific laboratory to the artist's studio, everything happens at the junction of the material and the immaterial, as well as that of intelligence and data, without forgetting the realities that are brought together by considering them extended.

There is no longer an autonomous field of research, isolated from the others. In an age when the notion of artistic tendency is no longer operative, the exhibition The Fusion of Possibilities, with artworks from converging practices, aims to be the expression of the symbiosis of ideas as well as of forms.


Dominique Moulon


Donatien Aubert, Golnaz Behrouznia (ISEA2023 laureate artist), Samuel Bianchini, Thibault Brunet, Caroline Delieutraz, Pascal Dombis, Kamilia Kard, Marie Lelouche (ISEA2023 laureate artist), Julien Maire, Albertine Meunier, Sabrina Ratté, Marion Roche (ISEA2023 laureate artist), Vera Röhm, François Ronsiaux, Nicolas Sassoon, Michele Spanghero, Victoire Thierrée, Peter Weibel